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Why Choose Artificial Turf for Your Lawn?

Synthetic grass, installed correctly, can provide you with a beautiful lawn without the hassle and expense of trying tomaintain a problem-plagued natural lawn. You eliminate watering, mowing, fertilizing and chemicals, re-seeding, pests, allergies and muddy paw prints….all for a lower overall cost in the long run.

How Can I Calculate the Cost of Purchasing Synthetic Turf?

Our price is quoted by per squremeter. Say the price is $22/m², it’s the price for a piece of turf sized 1m*1m. If you have 40 m² area to cover, the cost is $22/ m²*40 m²=$880.

What Is the Width and Length of Artificial Turf Roll?

The turf roll comes with 2 meter and 4 meter width and with both 25 meter length.

Where Can I Buy the Contact Adhensive Joining Tape and U Shape Pins?

Prettie turf supply our customers with quality contact adhensive joining tape and U shape pins at good price. Talk to our sales reprentative for professional advice.

Is It Easy to Install Arificial Turf at My Place?

Yes, you can simply install artificial turf by yourself and save a lot of money. Just refer to our DIY installation step-by-step guide or consult our experienced partner landscaper for assitance.

Can You Organise Installation of My New Artificial Grass?

Yes, we have a large network of professional installers to lay the artificial turf at your location.

Can You Walk on Synthetic Lawn?

Yes, you can walk on synthetic lawn. You will be amazed how soft and appealing fake lawn can be.

Is It Dog Friendly?

Put it this way…you can enjoy a dog AND a beautiful lawn. Liquids drain right through and
droppings can be picked up as they would be with regular grass and/or washed off with a hose.

What About My Kids Playing on Prettie Turf?

Kids love it! Prettie Turf products are softer, safer and more durable than real grass. Our infill products are non-toxic and will in no way harm either children or pets if swallowed. Parents love the fact that there are no more stained pants and scraped knees!

How Long Does it Last?

Quite frankly…we don’t know. Most of our products are designed to last 8 years in a sports field application with constant abuse. Realistically, you should expect our products to last a period of 20-25 years in your yard.

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